Shoreline Protection & Marine Structures

TenCate was called in about a month after Hurricane Wilma hit. They worked with both the Mexican Tourism Foundation, Fonatur, on a master plan to rebuild the beaches, as well as with individual hotels to renovate their beach fronts and protect them from future damage.

Excavation contractors use Geotube® containment technology to repair erosion and keep homes from destruction.

The State of Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Ducks Unlimited, in a joint venture, wanted to do a shoreline protection project in Idaho. The project was to protect the Duck & Geese that nest on islands in the Pack River Delta. The Project was started in May 2009.

In early 2009, engineers were tasked to design a marine restoration project to protect coastal properties atop coastal bluffs in Malibu.  Due to California regulatory restrictions, a traditional hard armor approach was not an option so alternative stabilization methods had to be considered.

Containment bund for land reclamation along River Ganges, India