Power and Utilities

Geotube Containers® and WaterSolve polymers are used to dewater coal combustion residuals at a Mid-western power plant.

This power plant took its lagoon system offline to remain in compliance with the new requirements by the EPA. WaterSolve provided this Geotube® dewatering system to filter the solids in the bottom ash and keep the plant open for emergency operation during peak demands.

In March of 2009 WaterSolve LLC installed a Geotube® to collect the residuals from cleaning an intake well at this Southern Indiana power plant. Solve 9233 was identified as the ideal polymer to flocculate the residuals during this process. The contractor was trained on the operation of the chemical feed system and Geotube® container for this project.

This Power Plant in New Jersey chose a Geotube® system to dewater ash sludge residuals from their waste pond on site. The Geotube® MDS containers were placed in dewatering and roll-off boxes in the containment area located near the waste pond. WaterSolve LLC was contracted to provide the equipment and products for this project, along with operation of the system for the duration of the project. For this project, the Geotube® dewatering system was selected as an alternative to mechanical dewatering and was used for evaluating permanent installation of the system for ongoing operations.

MDS (Mobile Dewatering System) Geotubes® containers are used to remove river sediment from the water treatment plant at this electric power plant.

A coal-fired power plant in northern Minnesota was having trouble managing their scrubber ash water and looked into Geotube® dewatering technology. WaterSolve LLC, was tasked to provide a Geotube® container, chemicals, chemical feed equipment and technical assistance for a pilot study conducted in November of 2012.