Geotube® for Environmental Engineering

Millions of gallons of sludge have been pumped into Geotube® containers for containment and dewatering of industrial waste, municipal sludge, and marine sediments. Paper mills, chemical companies, and nuclear power plants are just a few of the clients that have benefited from Geotube® technology.

Geotube Chemical Wastewater Contractor Dewatering

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How Geotube® containers work:
Geotube® Containment: High strength permeable geotextiles with uniquely designed retention properties are fabricated into Geotube® containers that can be filled with fine grain sludge, hazardous contaminated soils, or dredged waste materials.
Geotube® Dewatering: Excess water drains from the Geotube® containers through the small pores in the geotextiles resulting in effective dewatering and efficient volume reduction of the contained material. This volume reduction allows for the repeated filling of the Geotube® container. In many cases the decanted water is of a quality that can be returned to native waterways or for reuse.
Geotube® Consolidation: After the final cycle of filling and dewatering, the retained fine grain materials can continue to consolidate by desiccation because the residual water vapor escapes through the geotextile.

Chemical Wastewater Contractor Dewatering

Geotube® Containers in Municipal Engineering

Municipal sewage treatment plants are now using Geotube® containers for sludge which is pumped from the digesters and lagoons. In most cases, the dewatered effluent is clear and safe enough to be returned to the plant. This Geotube® technology greatly reduces the volume of the sludge and the cost of disposal.
Geotube® Containers Dewatering Benefits: 

• 50% reduction in lagoon size
• 50 – 70% reduction in labor and energy for land application
• Storage of nutrients until appropriate time
• Higher quality flush water
• Reduced odor and insect problem


Geotube® Containers in Industrial Engineering

Paper mills, chemical manufacturers, power plants, and other industrial plants have benefited greatly by using Geotube® technology. Geotube® dewatering containers are routinely specified by consulting engineers for cost effective containment and dewatering. Since the initial introduction of Geotube® technology to this industry, programs of sludge residue management and control have yielded tremendous operational cost savings.
Features and benefits: 

Geotube® containers offer minimum impact on the environment while providing a beneficial use for dredge material.

• Cost. Geotube® structures are a cost effective alternative when compared to traditional marine construction materials and methods.

• Fabrication. Geotube® structures are fabricated from a high strength woven geotextile with special high strength seaming techniques to resist pressures during pumping operations.


Geotube® Containers in Marine Engineering

Geotube® geocontainment technology is used as an integral component in the design and construction of a variety of marine and hydraulic engineering structures such as breakwaters, levies, and marine spoil containment structures. Geotube® geocontainment technology is easy to install beneath the water surface, in difficult conditions, and once in place, provide continued performance.
Features and benefits: 

  • Soil Containment
    In marine applications, Geotube® geocontainment technology serves as a containment device enabling placement of fill and spoil materials on the seabed in an orderly and controlled manner. Geotube® geocontainment technology prevent the loss of contained fill and spoil material. Submerged structures, such as breakwaters, groynes, and spoil-containment areas can be cost-effectively constructed using this technique.
  • Shore Stabilization
    Geotube® geocontainment technology is used in the construction of hydraulic filled geotextile tubes which serve as various shoreline stabilization structures. While containing the hydraulic fill, Geotube® brand containers also give shape to the resulting structure. These structures are highly flexible and very economical since they utilize locally dredged materials.
  • Breakwaters
    Geotube® geocontainment technology can also be used as a filter at the base of rubble-mound breakwaters. In this location, Geotube® brand containers prevent the erosion of the foundation soil through the granular layers in the breakwater. In some instances, the geotextile tube may also be required to reinforce the base of the breakwater when it is constructed on soft foundation soils.
[Ten Cate Geotube® is a registered trademark of Ten Cate Nicolon. Ten Cate Nicolon USA is a manufacturer of Baycor® Industrial Fabrics and Mirafi® Construction Products. Ten Cate Nicolon offers over 25 years of geotextile fabrication expertise. Geotube®, Geobag®, and Geocontainer® brand geotextile tubes can be custom fabricated to meet the requirements of each specific project.]

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