We are the master distributor of TenCate’s Geotube®

Water contaminated with sediment, contaminated solids, or other difficult to treat particles can all be effectively treated and separated through our cost-effective dewatering process utilizing dewatering chemistries and Geotube® technology. We offer complete Turn-Key dewatering solutions capable of handling projects of all sizes, while providing you the best knowledge and service from design to completion. To receive more information about how we can help with your next water treatment project REQUEST A QUOTE .

How Geotube® containers work:

Geotube® Containment: High strength permeable geotextiles with uniquely designed retention properties are fabricated into Geotube® containers that can be filled with fine grain sludge, hazardous contaminated soils, or dredged waste materials.

Geotube® Dewatering: Excess water drains from the Geotube® containers through the small pores in the geotextiles resulting in effective dewatering and efficient volume reduction of the contained material. This volume reduction allows for the repeated filling of the Geotube® container. In many cases the decanted water is of a quality that can be returned to native waterways or for reuse.

Geotube® Consolidation: After the final cycle of filling and dewatering, the retained fine grain materials can continue to consolidate by desiccation because the residual water vapor escapes through the geotextile.

Click on the tiles below to see Geotube Dewatering solutions for…


environmental tile marine tile industrial tile municipal tile

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