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WaterSolve, LLC was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1999 to custom formulate water treatment products for our municipal and industrial clients’ needs, with quality, safety, and cost considerations made at every level of research, production and application.

WaterSolve continues to be a full-service provider of certified water treatment products while offering local hands-on service and testing, ensuring our clients get the best available technology for their water & wastewater treatment needs. Our strategic manufacturing partners are the world leaders in their respective markets.

WaterSolve can also address environmental compliance and management concerns with a technically sound and cost-effective approach for its clients. Our staff of experienced environmental professionals can develop, manage, and conduct studies to characterize and mitigate risks of contaminated media from various municipal and industrial sources. WaterSolve’s rigorous approach to technical and regulatory issues will provide you with an objective understanding of potential liabilities and an aggressive start to finding and implementing the most effective solutions.


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WaterSolve is certified and adheres by: NSF Certified Products | Member AWWA | Member WEFTEC | EPA Approved Products | MDEQ Approved Products | ISNetworld

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