Biocord™ Reactor Treatment Systems

Biocord™ Reactors were developed by Bishop Water Technologies as an innovative solution to the wastewater treatment needs of the municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors. Combining a high surface area substrate with an energy efficient aeration diffuser system, Biocord™ Reactors provide the ideal environment for naturally occurring treatment bacteria to develop, increasing the level of biological treatment in existing systems. Suitable for improving BOD, TSS and ammonia removal, Biocord™ Reactors can be used in all climates, including the winter months. Biocord™ Reactors are engineered to actively manage the attached biomass, while enhancing mixing, dissolved oxygen and biomass to any wastewater treatment environment.

To learn more about Biofilm wastewater treatment and Biocord™ Reactors check out our case studies, or this informative brochure.

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