Nanobubble Technology

A pond maintenance company was tasked with improving the circulation in a pond at a private golf course in California. They chose the XTB Nanobubble Generator and the water clarity immediately improved and the foul odors were eliminated.

A California brewery looks to Moleaer's nanobubble technology to enhance the delivery of oxygen into their treatment tanks and improve the stability of their MBRs to reduce energy, maintain higher DO levels, and eliminated foaming.

F&A Dairy Products, Inc. was looking for a solution for their aging wastewater equipment which was impacting their pretreatment process and quality. They upgraded their Dissolve Air Flotation pre-treatement system to improve the quality of their wastewater.

A privately-held slaughter house has historically treated its wastewater through a simple activated sludge treatment process. They were looking for a more reliable and efficient aeration system, and chose a Moleaer XTB Nanobubble Generator™ to provide a hybrid solution.

A plastics recycling plant in California was looking for a more robust and effective solution to improve their flotation system, and the Moleaer XTB Nanobubble Generator provided that solution.

Big Tex Urban Farms was looking for ways to grow more high-quality produce year round and to showcase effective new technologies in an open forum for the public. They chose a Moleaer's nanobubble generator as the preferred technology to grow in high-temperature environment and take their greenhouse to the next level.

Hershey Creamery was looking for new technology to reduce wastewater treatment costs. Moleaer's nanobubble generator was selected to replace Hershey's high-pressure dissolution system to improve the BOD and TSS removal in their DAF unit and lower city pretreatment wastewater disposal surcharges.

A hydroponic facility in Texas was looking to maintain proper dissolved oxygen (DO) levels during warm seasons. Moleaer's nanoBoost proved that it could keep the nanobubbles stable and suspended in water, effectively delivering a steady flow of oxygen from the root to the head of the plant, even during warm temperatures.

A produce company in Colorado was looking for more effective ways toe sustain higher levels of dissolved oxygen in their system. The Moleaer Boost nanobubble generator was quickly and easily installed in their system and were thrilled with the results.

Moleaer's XTB Nanobubble Generator™ is the perfect solution for small municipal wastewater treatments plants that deal with aging equipment handling higher loadings. The Generator can deliver a supplemental oxygen source resulting in immediate improvement.