Pulp and Paper

This pulp and paper mill in Wisconsin needed residuals removed from a large wastewater lagoon. The previous method of mechanical excavation was proving inefficient and alternate methods were being investigated. WaterSolve, LLC was awarded the contract to remove the solids. Using Geotextile Tube containers, chemicals, chemical feed equipment, and manpower, provided by WaterSolve, LLC, the results exceeded expectations.

WaterSolve, LLC’s local agent from Clearwater Dewatering was responsible for this project at a pulp and paper manufacturer that wanted to use Geotextile tube containers when their normal operations were interrupted due to a system shutdown.

This Idaho lumber mill had cattails beginning to form on the site’s settling pond and had to find a way to remove solids to retrieve space for the future. Geotextile Tube Containers® were selected because labor on-site could operate the system and they could remove solids incrementally every year to restore the space without a huge burden to the budget, and they could choose when they had time to do the pumping.