Environmental Resources

Recognized for our expertise in many scientific and technical disciplines, WaterSolve enables professionals to address environmental protection and management concerns in a manner that is technically sound and cost-effective. WaterSolve has experienced scientists to develop, manage, and conduct studies to characterize and mitigate risks of contaminated media from various industrial and municipal point and non-point sources. WaterSolve’s rigorous approach to technical and regulatory issues provides each client with an objective understanding of potential liabilities and an aggressive start to finding and implementing the most effective solutions.

WaterSolve has expertise in the following scientific disciplines:

  • Aquatic Ecotoxicology
  • Water and Sediment Quality Evaluations
  • Dredged Material Placement and Management
  • Polymers for Flocculation, Sedimentation, and Dewatering
  • Site Characterization and Remediation
  • Design of Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems
  • TMDLs
  • Environmental Regulations and NPDES Permitting
  • Whole Efficient Toxicity (WET) Testing
  • Biological and Chemical Translators
  • TIE/TRE Procedures
  • Rapid Bioassessment Protocols
  • Ecological Risk Assessment

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