Industrial Geotextile tube Sludge Dewatering

Geotextile Containers in Industrial Engineering

Paper mills, chemical manufacturers, power plants, and other industrial plants have benefited greatly by using Geotextile container technologyGeotextile tube dewatering containers are routinely specified by consulting engineers for cost effective containment and dewatering. Since the initial introduction of Geotextile technology to this industry, programs of sludge residue management and control have yielded tremendous operational cost savings.
Features and benefits:• Geotextile containers offer minimum impact on the environment while providing a beneficial use for dredge material.• Cost. Geotextile structures are a cost effective alternative when compared to traditional marine construction materials and methods.• Fabrication. Geotextile structures are fabricated from a high strength woven geotextile with special high strength seaming techniques to resist pressures during pumping operations.

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