Training: How to Remove Lagoon Sludge and Improve WWTP Outcomes

WaterSolve, together with our sales agent Jim Bridges from Clearwater Dewatering and SRS Crisfulli, will complete a demonstration project at the City of Harlem Wastewater Treatment Facility.  This project will involve dredging the residuals from three partially mixed aerated lagoons and dewatering the residuals in Geotube Containers.  The project was initially scheduled to commence on June 3, 2013 but the unusually wet conditions in northern Montana forced the postponement of the project.  

WaterSolve was invited to participate in a training session presented by Montana Rural Water Systems.  This training session was initially planned to coordinate with the demonstration project and was held as scheduled on June 6, 2013.  The seminar was entitled "2013 Sludge Removal For Small System Operators Workshop."  Participating in the presentation were:

Dan Kramer- Montana Rural Water Systems, Inc.
Randy Wilcox- WaterSolve
Alan Juncker- TenCate Geotube
Laura Fleming- SRS Crisafulli
Ryan Rittal- Stahly Engineering & Associates
Rather than visit the active dredging and dewatering operation after the classroom portion of the seminar as planned, the attendees watched as Geotube Dewatering Tests (GDTs) were performed with samples collected from the lagoons.  
The conditions will dictate when the project is completed.  It is anticipated that the work will be complete in July or early August, 2013.
Please email Randy Wilcox for more information.
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