WaterSolve’s July 2014 Newsletter – Case Study of the Month

Case Study of the Month

Troy Risk, Inc.

Pond Close Out | Auburn, IN

The four ponds making up a wastewater treatment system at this industrial site in Indiana were no longer in service and had to be decommissioned. The consulting firm in charge of the project contracted WaterSolve, LLC to remove the water and solid residual from the ponds. WaterSolve’s objectives were to slurry the residual and pump it into Geotube® containers for dewatering and solids consolidation. The residual was treated with a flocculating polymer to enhance dewatering and accelerate the dry-down of the solids. Filtrate water exiting the Geotube® containers was metered and pumped into the city’s sewer system. The captured solids consolidated in the Geotube® containers, passing a paint filter test prior to landfill disposal.

WaterSolve, LLC used  a 6” hydraulic pump to remove the residual and water from the ponds. Two 2” trash pumps with fire hoses were used to inject water into the residual to make it flow to the hydraulic pump. A model WSLP-2400 Polymer Make-down Unit diluted the Solve 216B flocculant and injected it into the residual prior to the Geotube® containers. A sample port installed prior to the Geotubes® provided visual inspection of the polymer treatment and adjustments were made to the polymer feed rates based on these observations. Filtrate water was transferred from the Geotube® containment area with a 6” diesel pump to the municipal sewer system at a prescribed flow rate. The residual slurry was pumped at 500-gpm with Solve 216B polymer being injected at 2 to 6-gph. The project was completed in 14 work days from start to finish with approximately three million gallons of slurry pumped to three Geotube® containers. The city’s wastewater manager came to the site several times and reported there was no issue with the water he was receiving from the site.

Figure 1

This photo of one of the ponds was taken prior to removing the water and residual.

Figure 2

This is the same pond after the residual was removed.

Figure 3

This 6″ hydraulic pump was lowered into the first pond as the project began.

Figure 4

The Geotube® containers are dewatering very well in the containment area designed and drawn by WaterSolve.

Figure 5

A sample jar of the residual treated with Solve 216B.  It has great water release, clarity, and flocculation.


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