WaterSolve’s October 2014 Newsletter – Case Study of the Month

Case Study of the Month

Castorland, NY Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

A small village in upstate New York needed to update its wastewater treatment system.  This project consisted of closing the two existing waste lagoons and constructing a new treatment facility with two smaller, more efficient lagoons. WaterSolve, LLC was contracted to chemically treat the wastewater that was to be dredged out of the old lagoons and dewater it using Geotextile tube Containers.  WaterSolve’s Chemical Control and Tracking System (CCTS) was utilized for this project. Polymer feed rates were automatically adjusted based on readings from the flow and density meters.  The dredging of the lagoons was completed under a separate contract.

Initial estimates based on lagoon sampling that was completed by others indicated that the solids from both lagoons would be contained in 256’ of 45’ circumference Geotextile tube containers.  Soon after the dredging began, it was apparent that there were a lot more solids in the lagoons than previously estimated. From the CCTS daily reports and our own lagoon sampling, WaterSolve, LLC was able to accurately determine the volume of the remaining sludge and quickly deploy the additional Geotextile tube containers and resources to the site.


A look at the inside of the CCTS trailer.


The first three Geotextile tube containers were deployed.


Clear filtrate exiting the Geotextile tube containers and is returned to the lagoon.


Additional Geotextile tube containers were deployed to contain the remaining sludge.


A sample jar of the residual treated with Solve 216B. It has great water release, clarity, and flocculation.

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