WaterSolve’s October 2014 Newsletter – Custom Sized Geotextile Tube Containers

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Custom Sized Geotextile Tube Containers

Geotextile container dewatering technology is a high volume, high flow containment option. This provides operators with an efficient on-site, cost effective dewatering option that requires only limited special equipment or permitting, low operations and maintenance costs.  With the addition of chemical conditioning agents, excess water drains from the container through the geotextile resulting in filtrate water that can be discharged or returned to the plant. Volume reduction within the container allows for repeated filling of the geotextile container. After the final cycle of filling and dewatering, retained materials continue to consolidate by desiccation because residual water escapes through the geotextile fabric. Excavation of the dried materials and subsequent disposal occur when retained solids meet dryness goals or when land application (or disposal) is practical or permitted.  It should also be noted that excavation and disposal may be deferred to a more economically feasible time.

Geotextile containers can be manufactured to fit almost any geometry or configuration, including existing drying beds.  As long as the drainage system in the drying bed is capable of handling the filtrate flow from the geotextile container, the drying beds will typically be able to handle significantly more material and will typically result in more effective dewatering.  Most drying beds are designed to hold only 1 to 2 feet of conditioned residuals.  Depending on the size of geotextile container, the height can be expanded significantly, typically to 6.5 to 8.0 feet.  Other advantages of geotextile container dewatering, compared to typical drying bed operation include:  effective operations in any weather conditions, potential for increased flow rates to the beds, greater volume reduction, and increased solids concentration in the dewatered residual.  In most cases, the existing piping to the drying beds can be easily retrofitted to accommodate the geotextile containers.  Many wastewater treatment facilities using drying beds also have polymer feed systems that can be used without modification.

Custom Geotubes 2

Custom Geotubes 1

Custom Geotubes 3

Drying beds are not the only applications where custom sized Geotextile tube Containers are commonly used.  Constraints on the size of dewatering pads, specific available space inside structures, and other constraints often require custom design and sizing.

Custom Geotubes 4

If you have a specific application for a custom sized Geotextile Container you would like to discuss, please contact us.

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