Industrial Geotube® Sludge Dewatering

Geotube® Containers in Industrial Engineering

Paper mills, chemical manufacturers, power plants, and other industrial plants have benefited greatly by usingGeotube® technologyGeotube® dewatering containers are routinely specified by consulting engineers for cost effective containment and dewatering. Since the initial introduction of Geotube® technology to this industry, programs of sludge residue management and control have yielded tremendous operational cost savings.
Features and benefits:• Geotube® containers offer minimum impact on the environment while providing a beneficial use for dredge material.• Cost. Geotube® structures are a cost effective alternative when compared to traditional marine construction materials and methods.• Fabrication. Geotube® structures are fabricated from a high strength woven geotextile with special high strength seaming techniques to resist pressures during pumping operations.

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