Lagoon Surveys

WaterSolve’s innovative approach to lagoon sludge surveying provides the information you need to determine, maintain, or improve the health of your lagoon system and develop an accurate budget and plan for a sludge removal project. Our precise remote controlled sonar boat technology will capture and map out a highly detailed collection of sludge-depth data points to demonstrate the total volume of sludge throughout your lagoon system.

WaterSolve will help you determine if your lagoons are functioning as designed, and if not, will recommend options to get them running at full capacity. If dredging is the only option, we can assist you with every aspect of that undertaking.

Lagoon Survey Process

Remote controlled boat takes a sonar depth point to the top of the sludge every second as the boat navigates the surface area of the lagoon or pond. All depth points are tagged to GPS satellite location.

A report is generated showing the path of the sonar boat demonstrating the area measured and a 3-D color mapping illustrating the depth of the existing sludge in each lagoon or pond.

Sludge cores are extracted from strategic locations in each lagoon and allows for a physical validation of the sludge depth. Sludge samples are sent to a lab for testing and evaluation.

Our sludge surveys provide you with a full lab report and the following:

  • Dry tons of sludge
  • Volumetric quantity of sludge
  • Composition of sludge to inform disposal options
  • Sludge distribution maps for targeted efficient dredging 
  • 3D pdf sludge map for use in presentations to council?

WaterSolve LLC provides engineering and consulting services for your lagoon challenges to include:

  • Geotextile tube dewatering solutions, polymer feed systems for flocculation, and sludge removal
  • Aeration solutions employing micro-bubble oxygenation
  • Expertise and options to increase your lagoon system functionality


Don’t risk the potential of cost overruns and poor-performance without knowing how much sludge you have prior to dredging or the viability of your lagoon health.

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