Mining and Mineral Processing

Mine tailings, coal sludge, and other materials can be managed and handled cost-effectively with Geotextile dewatering technology.  Because Geotextile Tube containers can be custom-sized to the application, they can be placed in available space between other structures and removed once dewatering is complete.  Geotextile Tube dewatering technology is a cost-effective alternative to mechanical processes.  It reduces disposal costs by consolidating higher solids with very little maintenance. Effluent can be pumped directly from the process;  or if a clarifier/thickener is used, effluent from the underflow can be diverted through the Geotextile Tube container, eliminating the requirement for an expensive mechanical dewatering device.  Geotextile Tube units can be used to capture fines, silts, and clays from the tailings effluent prior to discharge into the ponds or directly into streams.  Geotextile Tube units will separate and dewater the fines and allow disposal without expensive dredging and transporting operations.  In some cases, conditioners or polymers are used to promote flocculation to improve solids retention and filtrate quality. Geotextile containers can also be used to utilize the fines to build dikes and containment berms.

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