Municipal Wastewater Treatment


Efficient removal of water in the liquid solids separation is key to overall use cost analysis. WaterSolve is keenly aware of the value and cost of producing solids to be removed from your site. WaterSolve dewatering polymers are used in a variety of equipment:


WaterSolve Polymers play a critical role in optimizing performance of filter belt presses. They produce the type of floc needed to maximize water release in the gravity section and prevent sludge extrusion in the compression zone. They also reduce the risk of filter blinding.

Belt Filter Press


WaterSolve Polymers offer excellent floc qualities that allow for a tough floc required to handle the movement of the solids through the drum, while retaining the solids for optimum solids capture.

Sleve Drum Concentrator


These polymers are designed for rapid floc formation needed to accommodate a relatively brief conditioning time. They also produce the tough floc required to withstand the high gravitational forces encountered. These polymers can increase recovery efficiencies and throughput and accommodate wider variations in sludge treatability.



WaterSolve polymers are formulated to accelerate free water release, speeding drainage and evaporation which significantly reduces drying time. They can dramatically increase surface loading rates and reduce the surface area required to dewater a given volume of sludge.


WaterSolve polymers offer excellent solids retention and high filtration efficiencies in dredging operations where the floc formation time is often limited and the time to specified cake dryness is critical.

Geotube Photo


Our polymers are uniquely formulated and produced to provide thebroadest product line to choose from.  These dewatering aids are designed to promote rapid formation of dense, strong, shear-resistant floc that readily releases water.  Depending on your particular operating conditions and operational goals, we can provide:

  • Optimal Cake Dryness
  • Optimized Solids Capture and Recovery
  • Optimized Production Throughout
  • Reduced Sludge Treatment Costs
  • Assure Process Reliability
  • Enhanced System Performance
  • Reduced Chemical Treatment Costs



WaterSolve high performance polymers promote formation of larger, heavier floc which settles faster and produces a denser sludge…and to maximize fines capture, producing a higher clarity supernatant that minimizes risk of recycled fines buildup.


In dissolved air flotation units, WaterSolve polymers and Inorganic Coagulants effectively flocculate biological solids from secondary clarifiers to produce masses to which rising bubbles can adhere. The surfactant properties of these polymers also serve to promote strong attachment of the air bubbles to the floc, promoting it’s efficient flotation and removal.


WaterSolve offers a broad product line to handle typical applications or oily sludges, tank bottoms, reactor bottoms and stormwater retention aids.


Municipal sewage treatment plants that employ filtration prior to final discharge have found WaterSolve polymers a cost effective means for enhancing filter performance. We offer a wide variety of coagulant-grade and flocculant-grade polymers for this application, as well as a complete selection of inorganic coagulant/polymer blends.


WaterSolve polymer and inorganic coagulants offer superior performance characteristics that have proven especially beneficial to municipal sewage treatment plants employing enhanced primary clarification. In these applications, WaterSolve will test and formulate to accomplish the following:

  • Maximize removal of total suspended solids (TSS) and associated biological oxygen demand (BOD) in primary clarifiers
  • Enhance removal of color, turbidity, heavy metals, biological matter, and other primary pollutants
  • Allow increased throughput in primary clarifiers
  • Minimize solids loading on downstream systems, reducing costs, optimizing performance, and allowing increased throughput in biological treatment systems and secondary clarifiers
Your WaterSolve technical specialist can also develop and apply polymers designed to enhance performance of secondary clarifiers. These clarification aids have proven extremely effective in maximizing removal of the finely-dispersed, gelatinous biological solids generated in aeration systems. This has made them especially effective in responding to upset conditions to maintain secondary clarifier effluent quality and minimize problems in both upstream and downstream systems.


WaterSolve Inorganic Coagulants inactivate phosphorous by precipitating it as a metal phosphate. Ferric sulfate, in addition to inactivating phosphorus, controls sewage odors by precipitating soluble sulfide as iron sulfide. Aluminum coagulants stoichiometrically inactivate the highest rates of phosphorus, and produces a precipitate that does not re-dissolve under anoxic conditions.


WaterSolve odor control products are a low cost, non sensitizing, non toxic, material with no VOC’s.  These products can be used in a variety of applications such as Geotextile dewatering, eliminating sludge odors in wastewater treatment.  It can be sprayed directly into stacks and rooms, atomized into the atmosphere as a barrier, and drip fed into sewage streams, used at any malodorous site, added to cleaning water, or added to inks or adhesives.

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