WaterSolve, LLC offers a full service concept with engineering, laboratory and technical service to back it up, with expertise in the following scientific disciplines:

  • Chemistry and Application of Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
  • Polymer Formulation for Flocculation, Sedimentation, and Dewatering
  • Routine Testing
  • Laboratory Support
  • Logistical Support
  • Product Selection
  • Equipment Selection
  • Water and Sediment Quality Evaluations
  • Dredged Material Placement and Management
  • Geotextile Tube Sales and Applications
  • Site Characterization and Remediation
  • Design of Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems
  • TMDLs
  • Environmental Regulations and Compliance
  • Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Testing; NPDES Permitting
  • Biological and Chemical Translators
  • TIE/TRE Procedures
  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Sludge Dewatering

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